Thursday, May 24, 2012

Layla Ultra Violet AND More Nail Mail

Hello Everybody!! This Has Been Such A Long Week With Work... Blah. Need A Week Off I Think, But That Is Not Going To Happen Any Time Soon. *End Sob Story*. I Finally Used One Of My Layla Hologram Effect Polishes I Bought Myself As A Birthday Treat. I Must Say, I Am IN LOVE. I Can Not Wait To Use Ocean Rush Which I Also Bought. Also, I Got Some More AMAZING Nail Mail The Last Two Days. I Am Pretty Excited About.

Lets Get Into The Pictures!! *(OOOHHH Rainbows!!! YAY!)*

So, Here She Is, Layla Hologram Effect In Ultra Violet. I Am Sure You All Have Seen It Before, But Never On Me! :o) Please Excuse The Tip Wear In These Photos, My Poor Hands Get Abused At Work, That Is Why They Look So Red And Swollen *(I Have Very Sensitive Skin And The Sanitizer In The Water We Use Does That To My Hands... I Should Really Just Wear Gloves)*...  Anyways, The Rainbows In This Polish Amaze Me. I Really Think It Is One Of The Most Holo Polishes I Own. It Reminds Me A Lot Of OPI DS Original... I Might Have To Do A Comparison Post Sometime, I Don't Know If I Have Seen That Done Yet. As For Formula Of The Polish, It Was Not Bad, Maybe A Wee Bit On The Thin Side, But This Polish Dries REALLY Fast, Major Bonus. I Could Not Believe How Fast It Dried, In My Personal Opinion, This Is A Great Quickie Polish... But That Is Just My View On It. I Have Heard Others Say They Have Had Troubles With It. This Is 3 Coats All By Itself, Next Time I Might Try To Put It Over A Deeper/Darker Purple To See What It Looks Like!

Onto The Nail Mail!!

First Up Is My Cult Nails Order!! The Last 3 Are From Their $5 Promo They Did. I Ordered Hypnotize Me, Let Me Fly! *(Which Is Actually A More Greyish Blue But Did Not Photograph That Way)* And Living Water. SO PRETTY!! Then, After I Ordered Those 3, I Found Out They Had Seduction Available On The Site For Purchase By Itself. I Had To Have It. It Is The Closest To Unicorn Puke I Am Ever Going To Get. You Can Get To The Cult Nails Shop By Clicking HERE.

Next Up Are Two Kleancolor Polishes I Got Off Ebay From An Auction For Really Cheap. The One On The Left Is Disco Ball, It Has Tealish And Lavender Glitters In A Clear Base. Then On The Right We Have    Vegas Night, Which Is Yet Another Blue And Purple Glitter Polish To Add To My Collection. I Wish I Knew What It Was About Blue/Purple Glitter Polishes That I Am So Attracted To, Even Though I Have At Least 4 Or 5 Other Different Ones.

Now, We Have Dandy Nails' Wonderwall. I Am SO Glad I Snagged This Polish Before It Disappeared!! I Did Not Even Know She Was Open Until I Saw A Friend Post That She Had Just Snagged A Bottle, So I Got To Her Etsy Shop Real Quick, And Got Myself One Before It Sold Out!! You Can Get To Sandy's Etsy Shop By Clicking HERE.

And, Last, But CERTAINLY NOT Least... My Precious Ozotic 533. I Am So Happy About This Polish, It Is My 3rd Ozotic Ever. So Prettyful. Just Look At The Rainbow In That Bottle!! Can't Wait To Try This Out!!

Well, That Will Conclude My Post For The Night. Off To Do My Nails So I Have Something For Tomorrow. Have A Great Night/Day Everybody!!



  1. Great job capturing the holo in the photos!

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