Thursday, May 24, 2012

Layla Ultra Violet AND More Nail Mail

Hello Everybody!! This Has Been Such A Long Week With Work... Blah. Need A Week Off I Think, But That Is Not Going To Happen Any Time Soon. *End Sob Story*. I Finally Used One Of My Layla Hologram Effect Polishes I Bought Myself As A Birthday Treat. I Must Say, I Am IN LOVE. I Can Not Wait To Use Ocean Rush Which I Also Bought. Also, I Got Some More AMAZING Nail Mail The Last Two Days. I Am Pretty Excited About.

Lets Get Into The Pictures!! *(OOOHHH Rainbows!!! YAY!)*

So, Here She Is, Layla Hologram Effect In Ultra Violet. I Am Sure You All Have Seen It Before, But Never On Me! :o) Please Excuse The Tip Wear In These Photos, My Poor Hands Get Abused At Work, That Is Why They Look So Red And Swollen *(I Have Very Sensitive Skin And The Sanitizer In The Water We Use Does That To My Hands... I Should Really Just Wear Gloves)*...  Anyways, The Rainbows In This Polish Amaze Me. I Really Think It Is One Of The Most Holo Polishes I Own. It Reminds Me A Lot Of OPI DS Original... I Might Have To Do A Comparison Post Sometime, I Don't Know If I Have Seen That Done Yet. As For Formula Of The Polish, It Was Not Bad, Maybe A Wee Bit On The Thin Side, But This Polish Dries REALLY Fast, Major Bonus. I Could Not Believe How Fast It Dried, In My Personal Opinion, This Is A Great Quickie Polish... But That Is Just My View On It. I Have Heard Others Say They Have Had Troubles With It. This Is 3 Coats All By Itself, Next Time I Might Try To Put It Over A Deeper/Darker Purple To See What It Looks Like!

Onto The Nail Mail!!

First Up Is My Cult Nails Order!! The Last 3 Are From Their $5 Promo They Did. I Ordered Hypnotize Me, Let Me Fly! *(Which Is Actually A More Greyish Blue But Did Not Photograph That Way)* And Living Water. SO PRETTY!! Then, After I Ordered Those 3, I Found Out They Had Seduction Available On The Site For Purchase By Itself. I Had To Have It. It Is The Closest To Unicorn Puke I Am Ever Going To Get. You Can Get To The Cult Nails Shop By Clicking HERE.

Next Up Are Two Kleancolor Polishes I Got Off Ebay From An Auction For Really Cheap. The One On The Left Is Disco Ball, It Has Tealish And Lavender Glitters In A Clear Base. Then On The Right We Have    Vegas Night, Which Is Yet Another Blue And Purple Glitter Polish To Add To My Collection. I Wish I Knew What It Was About Blue/Purple Glitter Polishes That I Am So Attracted To, Even Though I Have At Least 4 Or 5 Other Different Ones.

Now, We Have Dandy Nails' Wonderwall. I Am SO Glad I Snagged This Polish Before It Disappeared!! I Did Not Even Know She Was Open Until I Saw A Friend Post That She Had Just Snagged A Bottle, So I Got To Her Etsy Shop Real Quick, And Got Myself One Before It Sold Out!! You Can Get To Sandy's Etsy Shop By Clicking HERE.

And, Last, But CERTAINLY NOT Least... My Precious Ozotic 533. I Am So Happy About This Polish, It Is My 3rd Ozotic Ever. So Prettyful. Just Look At The Rainbow In That Bottle!! Can't Wait To Try This Out!!

Well, That Will Conclude My Post For The Night. Off To Do My Nails So I Have Something For Tomorrow. Have A Great Night/Day Everybody!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Awesome Nail Mail From 05-21-12 !!

Hello Readers!! I Am Very Worn Out From Work. I Was Going To Do A New Mani To Post Tonight, But I Am Just Too Worn Out, So Instead I Am Going To Show You The AWESOME Nail Mail That Was Waiting In My Mailbox For Me Today :o)

Above Is My KB Shimmer Order!! From Left To Right There Is: All American, Proud Peacock, Party, Bejeweled And Shipwreck! I Am So Excited That I Snagged These Up Before She Sold Out Because I Usually Miss Out On Everybody's Shop Openings Since I Am Always At Work. In My Opinion The Shipping Was Very Fast And I Had No Problems At All With My Order. Her Next Restock Won't Be For A Few Weeks Due To Base Issues, But She Also Sells Yummy Scented Soaps And Bath Bombs. You Can Click Here To Check Out Her Etsy Shop!!

Next Up Is A Polish I Got From A Little Swap I Did With Jacki From Adventures In Acetone. This Is Ana Sui 105, A Very Pretty Light Blue/Light Teal Polish With Holographic Glitters Spread Throughout. Thanks Jacki For The Beautiful Polish, I Look Forward To Wearing It!!

And Last, But Certainly Not Least, My AquaDaisy Order!! For Those Of You Who Don't Know, AquaDaisy Is Another Indie Brand That You Can Purchase On Etsy, If You Are Interested In Checking Out Her Shop You Can Click The Link HERE. The Top Polish Is Succulent, A Beautiful Mint Colored Polish With Fuchsia Glitters Throughout. On The Bottom We Have Ke$ha's Floor Sweepings, You're A Firework, And Me Too. Ke$ha's Floor Sweepings Is A Really Pretty Glitter Polish That Is Filled With All Kinds Of Glitters, And I Mean ALL Kinds. There Are Silver Holo Glitters, Purple Hexs, Blue Hexs, Stars And SOOO Many More, Pretty Much What You Would Find If You Had To Clean Up After A Ke$ha Concert!! Next Is You're A Firework, A Royal Blue Jelly With All Kinds Of Shapes And Sizes Of Holographic Glitters Along With Red, Blue And White Hex Glitters. Then Finally We Have Me Too, Which Is What She Describes As Her Ode To The Black And White Polish Craze... There Was A Bit Of Confusion With My Order Since She Was Switching Between Two Things And She Sent Me The Mini Blue And The Black And White Polish As Extras For The Confusion With My Order. Bonus For Me!! Yay!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Princess Tea Party And A New Mani!! *(Long Post!)*

Oh My Goodness Ladies, What A Day!! I Had A Princess Tea Party With My Daughter, Aizlinn                *(Pronounced Aye-Z-Lynn)*, Which Was A Function To Help Her Dance Studio With Remodeling Costs. They Had Some Of The Older Girls From The Studio Dressed As Disney Princesses And They Got To Get Their Autographs And Dance With Them.   At First Aizlinn Wasn't Very Sure About It, And Looked At The Girls Like They Were Insane, But By The End She Was In Her Dancing Glory!! For A Moment I Had A Flashback To My Childhood Where I Quit Dance Class Right Before My Recital Because I Was Too Afraid To Get On Stage, AFTER My Parents Spent All The Money To Get Me My Costumes *(I Was In Ballet, Tap And Acrobatics)*.... LOL. Everything Is Good Though, That Just Isn't My Girl, She Is Super Outgoing And Fun, The Complete Opposite Of Me, The Shy Girl Who Hid In The Corner Forever!

Had To Share A Couple Pictures Of Aizlinn All Dressed Up <3 Love Her!!

Now, Onto The Reason You Are Here!! NAILPOLISH!! Woo Hoo! This Took Me FOREVER To Make My Mind Up On What To Do Tonight. I Filled 3 Whole Nail Wheels With Different Polishes To See What They Would Look Like On And None Of Them Really Just Said 'WOAH' To Me. It Is Also Hard With My Job Because Technically, I Am Not Even Supposed To Paint My Nails For Some Unknown Reason. But, There Is No Way I Am Going To Not Paint My Nails... I Tried, It Does Not Work. I Just Cant Do Their 'French Tips Only' Thing, And Not Colored French Tips, PLAIN French Tips... BORING!! So, I Am Sure If The Manager Of My Store Sees Them Tomorrow She Is Going To Say Something, Like She Always Does, To Which I Will Say 'Yes Karen! I Will Change Them Tonight'... And Simply Come Home To Put A DIFFERENT Color On, He He He.

So, After Going Through About 50 Different Polishes. I Decided On These Three Beauties -- Golden Rose Matte Velvet 101, Models Own - Indian Ocean And Models Own - Ibiza Mix For The Accent Finger!! I Bought The Golden Rose On A Blog Sale And The Models Own I Got By Paying A Very Kind Lady To Order And Send Them To Me From The UK. Love My International Friends Who Feed My Addiction!! What Would I Do Without Them? *(As I Have Said Before, Probably Have More Money... LOL)*

Onto The Pictures : 

Picture Above Simply Shows My Little 'Work Area' On My Tiny Coffee Table. I Need To Get Something Else To Do My Nails On... 

This Is A Front View Picture Of The Three Polishes I Used: Golden Rose Matte Velvet 101, Models Own Indian Ocean, And Models Own Ibiza Mix!

Back View Of All Three Polishes!

Here Is The Mani *(Going To Apologize For The Wierd White Stuff On My Fingers Now! It Is Not Dry Skin)*

This Is The End Result!! I Love It. It Is Absolutely Gorgeous. I Am Sad Because I Failed To Capture The Beauty Of Indian Ocean. I NEED A New Camera!! Indian Ocean Is Truly A BEAUTIFUL Polish, It Is Very Sheer On Its Own, So I Find It Best For A Topper, This Is The First Time I Have Ever Used It, But I Am Sure You Can Layer It Over Other Colors Than Just Blue For An Awesome Effect. For This Mani I Used Two Coats Of The Golden Rose, One Coat Of Indian Ocean, And One Coat Of Ibiza Mix On My Ring Finger. Application For The Golden Rose Was Fine, No Issues. It Does Not Have One Of The Really Wide Brushes, But The Brush On It Was Good. As For The Models Own, Application Was Great. The Only Thing With Them Is I Wish They Had Wider Brushes. For Some People Though, If You Don't Like Smells, It Might Be An Issue For You. I Personally Love The Smell, But It Is Very Strong.  Kind Of Like A Really Strong Permanent Marker. Yum. LOL. These Pictures Are All With Topcoat.

So, This Concludes My Post. What Do You Think? Do You Own Any Of These Polishes? What Do You Think Of Them? Also, For My Fellow Bloggers, What Kind Of Camera Do You Use? I Need To Invest In A New Camera, But Do Not Want To Pay An Arm And A Leg. I Am Now Going To Leave You With A Couple Pictures Of My Boys, Jayden And Bentley, Since I Posted Miss Aizlinn On Here. <3

This Is My Bentley <3

This Is My Jayden, He Was Trying To Hide Behind A Piece Of Bread, And Would Not Let Me Take Any Other Pictures... Ohh Kids. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Post Ever, Hooray For Me!

Okay Fellow Polish Fiends, Here We Go!! I Am Off And Running.... Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.... I Have Wanted To Blog For Some Time Now, But Could Never Figure It Out. Thanks To A Very Kind Girl, Jacki From Adventures In Acetone *(If You Don't Follow Her Blog Already, Go Do It, She Is AMAZING!!)*  I Finally Have Somewhat Of A Clue What I Am Doing! Hooray! So We Will See How This Goes. I Know I Will Not Be Able To Post Daily Due To Work And Having Three Small Children, But I Will Do My Best To Do A Couple A Week. Right Now I Have Some Old Manis I Can Post To Show So I Can Try To Get Ahead. Wait, Me Get Ahead? I Don't Know About That. I Am One That Is Usually Behind. #procrastinator. Whoops. But As I Said, We Will See What Happens. Thanks For Bearing With Me For The Time Being!

So, For My Very First Post Ever, I Am Going To Show You A Mani I Did Last Month, To The Day Actually, Using UP Colors Lilas Chrome, And Verde 360 As An Accent Finger. These Are Brazilian Polishes And I Purchased Them From Llarowe, As You Can Not Just Simply Walk Into Any Store And Buy Them Here In The US. You Can Get To Her Site By Clicking Here.

These Are Holographic Polishes, I Didn't Do A Very Good Job Of Capturing Any Of That, Though.

Application Was Great With These Polishes, I Had No Issues. I This Is Two Coats, I Always Use Two Coats, But If I Am Remembering Correctly, I Could Have Gotten Away With One.

And Here Is A Picture Of The Polishes In Their Bottles. They Are 10mL As You Can See From The Picture. And I Really Like The Bottles For Some Reason.

Well, I Think That Is Going To Conclude My First Post. I Hope It Wasn't Too Horrible. Ha Ha. 

--- Jessica*