Sunday, May 20, 2012

Princess Tea Party And A New Mani!! *(Long Post!)*

Oh My Goodness Ladies, What A Day!! I Had A Princess Tea Party With My Daughter, Aizlinn                *(Pronounced Aye-Z-Lynn)*, Which Was A Function To Help Her Dance Studio With Remodeling Costs. They Had Some Of The Older Girls From The Studio Dressed As Disney Princesses And They Got To Get Their Autographs And Dance With Them.   At First Aizlinn Wasn't Very Sure About It, And Looked At The Girls Like They Were Insane, But By The End She Was In Her Dancing Glory!! For A Moment I Had A Flashback To My Childhood Where I Quit Dance Class Right Before My Recital Because I Was Too Afraid To Get On Stage, AFTER My Parents Spent All The Money To Get Me My Costumes *(I Was In Ballet, Tap And Acrobatics)*.... LOL. Everything Is Good Though, That Just Isn't My Girl, She Is Super Outgoing And Fun, The Complete Opposite Of Me, The Shy Girl Who Hid In The Corner Forever!

Had To Share A Couple Pictures Of Aizlinn All Dressed Up <3 Love Her!!

Now, Onto The Reason You Are Here!! NAILPOLISH!! Woo Hoo! This Took Me FOREVER To Make My Mind Up On What To Do Tonight. I Filled 3 Whole Nail Wheels With Different Polishes To See What They Would Look Like On And None Of Them Really Just Said 'WOAH' To Me. It Is Also Hard With My Job Because Technically, I Am Not Even Supposed To Paint My Nails For Some Unknown Reason. But, There Is No Way I Am Going To Not Paint My Nails... I Tried, It Does Not Work. I Just Cant Do Their 'French Tips Only' Thing, And Not Colored French Tips, PLAIN French Tips... BORING!! So, I Am Sure If The Manager Of My Store Sees Them Tomorrow She Is Going To Say Something, Like She Always Does, To Which I Will Say 'Yes Karen! I Will Change Them Tonight'... And Simply Come Home To Put A DIFFERENT Color On, He He He.

So, After Going Through About 50 Different Polishes. I Decided On These Three Beauties -- Golden Rose Matte Velvet 101, Models Own - Indian Ocean And Models Own - Ibiza Mix For The Accent Finger!! I Bought The Golden Rose On A Blog Sale And The Models Own I Got By Paying A Very Kind Lady To Order And Send Them To Me From The UK. Love My International Friends Who Feed My Addiction!! What Would I Do Without Them? *(As I Have Said Before, Probably Have More Money... LOL)*

Onto The Pictures : 

Picture Above Simply Shows My Little 'Work Area' On My Tiny Coffee Table. I Need To Get Something Else To Do My Nails On... 

This Is A Front View Picture Of The Three Polishes I Used: Golden Rose Matte Velvet 101, Models Own Indian Ocean, And Models Own Ibiza Mix!

Back View Of All Three Polishes!

Here Is The Mani *(Going To Apologize For The Wierd White Stuff On My Fingers Now! It Is Not Dry Skin)*

This Is The End Result!! I Love It. It Is Absolutely Gorgeous. I Am Sad Because I Failed To Capture The Beauty Of Indian Ocean. I NEED A New Camera!! Indian Ocean Is Truly A BEAUTIFUL Polish, It Is Very Sheer On Its Own, So I Find It Best For A Topper, This Is The First Time I Have Ever Used It, But I Am Sure You Can Layer It Over Other Colors Than Just Blue For An Awesome Effect. For This Mani I Used Two Coats Of The Golden Rose, One Coat Of Indian Ocean, And One Coat Of Ibiza Mix On My Ring Finger. Application For The Golden Rose Was Fine, No Issues. It Does Not Have One Of The Really Wide Brushes, But The Brush On It Was Good. As For The Models Own, Application Was Great. The Only Thing With Them Is I Wish They Had Wider Brushes. For Some People Though, If You Don't Like Smells, It Might Be An Issue For You. I Personally Love The Smell, But It Is Very Strong.  Kind Of Like A Really Strong Permanent Marker. Yum. LOL. These Pictures Are All With Topcoat.

So, This Concludes My Post. What Do You Think? Do You Own Any Of These Polishes? What Do You Think Of Them? Also, For My Fellow Bloggers, What Kind Of Camera Do You Use? I Need To Invest In A New Camera, But Do Not Want To Pay An Arm And A Leg. I Am Now Going To Leave You With A Couple Pictures Of My Boys, Jayden And Bentley, Since I Posted Miss Aizlinn On Here. <3

This Is My Bentley <3

This Is My Jayden, He Was Trying To Hide Behind A Piece Of Bread, And Would Not Let Me Take Any Other Pictures... Ohh Kids. 


  1. Your girl is GORGEOUS!!! May she never loose that great outgoing and high self security! (I hope these are the correct terms...)

    I LOVE this blue of your mani. I don't own any of those but I hope I can fix that soon!

    And do try to offer your boy smaller pieces of bread. This way he can't hide much ;-) LOL

  2. LOVE those colors together! And your kids are sooo cute! That's so awesome that your daughter's such a performer. Lots of good times ahead, I bet. :)