Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time To Come Back....

So, If You Were Somebody Who Started Following My Blog, Or Were In The Same Groups As Me On Facebook, You Probably Noticed I Just Disappeared With Nothing Said At All.... It Was Not To Be Rude, I Was Just Having Some Major Personal Issues That Needed To Be Dealt With, And I Just Didnt Have Any Time For Anything Other Than Working Or Family. At Least Thats What I Told Myself. I Didnt Want To So Much As Look At The Computer Or Talk To Anybody Who I Didnt Have To... I Was Totally Out Of Control With Ordering Polish Online, And Swaps Etc. It Got Really Overwhelming. I Blew Tons Of Money On Polishes I Really Didnt Need. I Just Wanted Them. I Had Plenty Of Others That Looked Just The Same. Couldnt Talk Myself Out Of It Though, I Did A Ton Of Impulse Buys. So I Had To Take A Break And Get Myself Composed And Back On Track. I Just Made My First Two Polish Orders In Three Months (Thats A REALLY Long Time, For Me Anyways!!!) I Have My Spending Limit Set And Feel That I Am Ready To Start Over. I Am Stronger Now, And Know To Take A Step Back And Think 'Do I REALLY Need This' Before I Just Carelessly Hit The Buy Button And Get Yet Another Polish That Looks Exactly The Same As 10 Others I Have. I Really Enjoy The Nail Community, And I Love Polish. So, Lets Give This Another Try And See How It Goes From Here. Thank You All Who Support Me!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You!! Now I Just Have To Find My Digital Camera So I Can Get Pictures, LOL!

  2. So glad to have your back! I can relate girlfriend! It's the reason I started making my own polish! Stay strong! ♥